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Financial advisors can spend countless hours generating comprehensive reports for their clients. The Retirement in a Nutshell platform has the power to prepare reports within a one hour client meeting!

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The unique cash flow calculator for advisors

Our unique backwards expense calculation is patented and only available on the Retirement in a Nutshell platform. There is no other financial planning software on the market that can find out faster or more accurately what your clients are spending.

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Retirement in a Nutshell makes it easy to add and edit client data while accounting for every dollar spent without asking a single budget question.


Eliminate client fear of the unknown by developing a full retirement plan. There is no itemization, no guessing, and no awkward conversations, saving everyone time.


Prepare an unlimited number of plans for an unlimited number of clients. We make it affordable so you can focus on helping your clients without all the headaches.

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Retirement in a Nutshell has phone support, targeted training videos, and experienced advisors with their own businesses who can work with you remotely and help you solve problems.

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Provide your clients with peace of mind and help them visualize their financial future. Retirement in a Nutshell will save you time, run a more full-service practice, and uncover additional planning opportunities.

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