What To Expect from Retirement in A Nutshell

The Best Retirement Planning Software
for Financial Advisors

Making it easy for your client to understand, and not fear, their financial future.

See your clients' full financial situation, identify problem areas, run alternative scenarios, and recommend solutions all within a normal one-hour client session with Retirement in a Nutshell. Without wasting time, Retirement in a Nutshell allows you to transform your clients into team members who feel like they are a part of the process and automatically buy into the results.

What's Unique About Nutshell

We created Retirement in a Nutshell because we felt other planning solutions were too complex and expensive.

We created a financial planning solution that is:
• Easy to use & implement by advisors.
• Flexible for the unique retirement needs of clients.
• Easily understood by clients.
• Very competitively priced - $60 per month or $660/year for annual subscribers. (Check with us for Broker/Dealer discounts including LPL Affinity Program)

• Minimizes canned language that puts clients to sleep.
• Unlimited number of clients and plans for one low price
• Minimum learning curve. Use it right away.
• Quicker and more accurate approach to client living expenses.


Everything you want from a software

Retirement in a Nutshell allows you to change assumptions and develop alternate scenarios in a few keystrokes for your clients. Input all relevant information and prepare reports within a normal, one-hour client meeting saving both you and your client valuable time. Retirement in a Nutshell is web-based so you can access it from anywhere on any device, and it includes security measures so you don't have to worry about your clients' private information being compromised.

Top notch support and training

Experience great phone support, targeted training videos, and expert advisors with their own businesses who can look at your screen with you and help you solve problems. We're happy to help.

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