Forms and Reports

To help you get started right now

We have created client intake forms, sample reports, a marketing letter, and disclaimers that you might need to get started.
We hope you will find them useful and please let us know if you think of other tools we could add to make your job easier.

Download Intake Form

Important Note! When you send this form to your client, let them know to save it to their desktop and then attach it to their reply back to you. Trying to use the mail function inside the form, itself, will not work.

Client Personal Information, Family Insurance Wills and Trust

We have provided a second client intake form form for information not needed for Nutshell but you might need to discuss estate planning, insurance planning, and information on the client’s other advisors.

  • Latest Tax Return — Federal and State
  • Most recent Social Security Statements
  • Most recent statements for employer retirement plans
  • Recent statements for investment accounts not held here
  • Balances and payment amounts for mortgages and other ongoing debts
  • Recent payroll statement, if applicable
Download Quick PDF Check List
LPL Hourly Disclaimer

If you are charging clients for preparing their plan under LPL’s Hourly Consulting Program, please print out the disclaimer and submit it to LPL along with the Plan you prepared for LPL’s prior approval. Then be sure to give the Disclaimer to the client along with the Nutshell plan you prepared for them.

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